September 06, 2011

4 People in the World Super Smart

SubhanAllah, God is great, with all his creation. Look at these three super-human. There is the most talented and intelligent there is also a limited senses can perform normal activities like any other human.

1. Man with the Incredible Brain (Daniel Tammet)
PhotobucketDaniel Paul Tammet is a British man gifted with extraordinary abilities in mathematical computation, memory, and language learning. He was born with congenital epilepsy. He says each number up to 10,000 each - each have a 'taste and shape' is unique, so he can 'feel' whether a figure is included major figures or a mixture. For example, he says that the number 289 is an ugly number, number 333 interesting and Pi is beautiful.

Tammet holds the record as a 'process' and calculate the value of Pi to the number 22.514 in just five hours. He was also able to speak in different languages, including English, French, Finland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Wales, and Esperento. In particular, he liked the Estonian language as rich in vowels. Tammet is able to learn a new language very quickly. To prove it, Tammet was challenged Channel Five (a TV channel) to learn the Icelandic language in just one week. 7 days later, Tammet appeared on Icelandic television and speaking in Icelandic. Until - until, language instructors Tammet Tammet said that 'people who are not like humans'.

Photobucket2. Nicknamed "the smartest children in the world" has been attached to the Akrit Jaswal, a child from India. He surprised the public when at the age of 7 years of performing surgery on a local girl in his place. The girl suffered burns on his hands until his hands could not be opened, and Jaswal also do the surgery until her fingers could be open as usual. Currently he is listed as the youngest doctor in the world. He was admitted to the University at the age of 11 years.

3. Man with vision Sonar (Ben Underwood)
PhotobucketBen Underwood is blind [blind], both eyes had been damaged by cancer, when he was 3 years old. However, he played basketball, bicycle, more great again he can play games online and games PS 3 as a fairly normal life as usual. He trained himself to use sonar waves to navigate around the world, without a guide dog to lead him, no hands to touch - touch, he uses VOTE! Ben produces sound then bounces on an object and echoes it back to him. He's the one - the only person in the world who see the use of sonar sounds like a dolphin - dolphins, ships, and bats.

Photobucket4. Born in 1962, the son of Korea was crowned as the human genius in the whole world. Imagine At the age of 4 years, he was able to read Japanese characters, Korean, German, English. At age 5 he was able to solve problems in a matter of calculus. He registered himself in the Guinness Book of World Records with the highest IQ of 210.

Secrets of God's wonderful with all the grace to his servants. Are you or your child's next super human ..?

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