September 03, 2011

Educate Children Love Reading Tricks

Educate children love reading tricks. Children must be treated specially in the educational problems we can not tell carelessly if not in accordance with what they want. They always want to play and learn by heart the will grow or invite children to love reading it should be done early. However, this effort is sometimes not easy. It is like asking a child to take
medicine when they are sick or her throat with the bitter herbs.

Children's book author, illustrator, teacher, and founder of the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, Mary Brigid Barred, share some tips that might apply to your child. Please be listened to!

1. Make your child feel with their senses what is told in the books read.

Encourage them to feel what is told in the book with their senses so they feel a part of or become one of the characters in the book.

"It is wonderful when a book comes to life and perceived by the senses of children. I love to read a book by Robert McCloskey to kindergartners, and first of all I always shared a lemon for them. The story of this book about a boy who lived in a small town in Ohio and was a lifesaver because of his harp. There is a section where the town band was ready for a gig in celebration, but suddenly they were attacked by the evil Old Sneep sucking lemons. The band is shrinking in fear and unable to play their instruments. In part, I always say to kids, 'Suck lemons you now! " They eagerly suck their juice and feel the Old Sneep, "the story of Mary.

2. Encourage children to think critically in a fun way.

You want your child to think critically. One of education is to sharpen the children to think critically. And, it's never too early to encourage kids to think critically. Similarly, through reading.

Let's take the example of a story about a spider's savior.

Mary relates that when he asked the children four years old who is the hero of the story, they always answered with enthusiasm, "Spider!" Then, you can continue with, "The spider had difficulty when a lifesaver, about what, yes, the difficulty?"

To children aged six years, you could even introduce conflict. Ask them, "What, yes, that would happen if there is no rain, then the spider can climb in and out of the sewers?"

If in one story there are no conflicts or problems to be solved, of course the story would be boring, right? You can explain to your child who is the protagonist, antagonist, conflict, and resolution of the story.

That way, you already show elements of a story in your child. Exciting, no? If you're tired of reading this story for the fifth time or even more for your child, things like this will get you out of boredom because you do not tell that that's it!

3. Write your own book.

For children just starting to read, prepare a notebook or scrapbook with blank pages and fill the book with their words. You can start with your family. Prepare photos father and mother. In fact, you can ask the eldest to menggambarinya. Prepare images grandfather, grandmother, or other family members. You can print story with large letters and bold.

* Additional tricks from me, in my experience growing interest in children can also read from his own parents, I usually read a book every day in the near future they're playing, so it can provide a good example for them to see her parents so. After that I put the book on the coffee table or desk near my computer. The goal is that they are curious and want to know what was in the reading of his parents. Children are usually the larger curiosity.

In this way, parents can also create appropriate thing liked children. For example your child love the fire, empty the contents of the book with pictures relating to firefighters.

Mary said, she knew one family whose son was once obsessed with vacuum cleaners. "When I met with my son asked if I had a tube upright or not. This is a great introduction to writing. When your child will grow large, they could even 'addicted' to write their own stories," he explained. See also Games Childrend Learning with Nature.

Congratulations to apply reading Tricks!


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