September 03, 2011

Intelligent Child Easy with the Green Growth

Intelligent Child Easy with the "Green Growth". No one proverb says "In any science can be achieved easily" included to make our children understand about the problem of optimizing ekonomy.For environment-based economic development, Indonesia needs to equip children with special intelligence with knowledge of environmental and economic synergy (green growth)
We learned much from Korea how they treat the children of this special smart. Finarya Legoh

Assistant Deputy for Data and Information Science and Technology Ministry of Research and Technology Finarya Legoh said that a special intelligence in children is a valuable asset to the state for development in the future. National education system in Indonesia, said Finarya, have actually been set specifically on education for children with special talents, namely children who have an IQ over 130. However, the learning process for children is not optimal, for example due to the inappropriate selection of students, lack of quality and ability of educators, as well as the density of the educational curriculum in the country.

For that, Finarya stressed the need for the development of smart kids this special talent as has been done by South Korea. In 2002, South Korea issued the Law on Education of Exceptional Children Intelligent and this triggers the development of special education for children with such talent.

Curriculum green growth has been taught in schools and deepened again at the university level. Korean Advanced Institute of Science Technology (KAIST), for example, create special laboratories for smart kids in high school.

"We want to develop programs that can be absorbed by special intelligent children. So, we are prioritizing green growth program," said Finarya in discussion Indonesia-Korea Forum on Green Growth and the Gifted in Science Towardas Nation Buliding on Wednesday (13/10/2010).

"We learned a lot from South Korea how they treat the children of this special smart," he said.

Finarya added, to run specific programs, the Ministry of Research and Technology to cooperate with the Ministry of National Education in order to avoid tug-of-interest inter-ministerial.

Hopefully learning method with the Green Growth can be in apply in various countries, especially Indonesia, the majority of school children in this country do not know much about economic issues-based environment. One new step in the education of Indonesian Children and the world of education ..See also Games Childrend Learning with Nature,

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Title: Intelligent Child Easy with the Green Growth


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