September 03, 2011

Friendship Program Macalester College Cross Country

Friendship Program Macalester College Cross Country. Good opportunity for students worldwide to study science education. Cultural and social life of the State learning lain.Mempersiapkan generation that is able to think globally and to speak at the international arena is not easy. This is what it has to offer private college, Macalester College,
located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States.

Macalester offers the concept of friendship across the country so that students are able to interact and bring more information to go international. Friendship across the nation is thought to be a valuable experience when they return to their respective countries.

Every year hundreds of students from 70 more countries to start educational strata one (S1) on the campus of Macalester College. In order for students from 70 countries have experience of friendship across the nation, Macalester Macalester offers a program of Friends of International Students (FoMIS) or the Companions for Macalester Students from other countries.

The purpose of this particular program is to bring local residents to overseas students resulting in a brainstorm, the introduction of culture and make friends. The program has been running for 30 years, has involved 150 families and hundreds of students.

Opportunity to take part in this program is open to anyone, especially for faculty and staff Macalester. As a friend, a family involved in this program are not required to provide tuition assistance, or other type of financial assistance.

Activities undertaken, similar to the activities of two best friends, such as lunch or dinner together, attending a family birthday party, going to cultural exhibitions, and other activities that appeal to students and families concerned.

Tamara (Tami) Hawkinson, for example, are interested in engaging program, because her husband works at Macalester College. He also hopes to join the program, children will learn about the culture and values ​​of other countries. "One of our best friends are Tijana Martynov, a female student from Serbia. By this time he enters the fourth year majoring in Biology," says Tami, Saturday (03/09/2011).

Tijana has repeatedly present when Tami hold a family event. In addition, Tami is also frequently invited Tijana attend events of interest such as art exhibitions, carnivals, sports games, and movies. "In fact, sometimes I just take Tijana stroll by the lake or enjoy ice cream," said the woman pengemar sport is basketball.

For those with a family friendly Tijana Tami Hawkinson is a blessing. In addition to more familiar cultural Tami multi-ethnic family, he can also introduce the culture of Serbia on this family. "In November last year, I first cut the turkey at Thanksgiving," said Tijana.

Thanksgiving is an important event in the United States where most people trying to return home and give thanks with your family, may be similar during Eid in Indonesia.

"I was very nervous, because I do not know how to cut the turkey meat. Moreover, at that time I have to cut the turkey meat was witnessed by the guests, "he said Tijana these new experiences.

For three years, family treating Tami Tijana as part of the family. Both Tami and Tijana assess their friendship is very positive. "Tijana's like our own family members. We certainly will continue to maintain this friendship. Although Tijana will return to his country, "said Tami.

So that they maintain their friendship, each time Tijana returned to Serbia for a holiday, Tami has always brought souvenirs for family Tijana. In return, her grandmother gave Tijana homemade beautiful tablecloths for Tami and her family.

"I will always remember from grandma Tijana eye injury. The object becomes the glue of our friendship, "said Tami express his feelings toward his grandmother's kindness Tijana.

Tami admitted, though have never met in person, as if they have an inner relationship and feel closer to each other. Probably in May next year (2012), Tami and her family could meet with her parents while attending graduation Tijana. "Maybe our family will meet while attending a wedding Tijana," said Tami.

For Tami program should continue braided friendship. Next year, Tijana will pass. Tami and her family decided to get a new friend. September, their new friend, Joy Minalla, from Sudan to come.

In a letter of introduction, Joy wanted to learn about public health and Spanish. "I am very happy to be friends, hang out and play with children. I also love reading novels, listening to music, and traveling," Joy wrote in the letter.

In addition to meeting amicably, twice a year all the participants of FoMIS invited to attend the dinners. Each family and overseas students are required to prepare special foods from their respective countries.

In front of the food served there is usually a label on a name and a brief explanation of the food. Participants were also told not to use ingredients that are too spicy for the American tongue. "In addition, participants also must list the food materials to the guests who are allergic to certain ingredients do not taste," said Tami.

There is often a lot of guests who do not know how to eat traditional foods such participating countries, therefore they must mix himself to gain experience. For this type of food like this, usually food carriers are given the opportunity to give examples of how mix.

This event not only provides an opportunity to enjoy food from different regions, but also learn from others about their culture.

Let's look Includes information about the Friendship Program Macalester College Cross Country, you may be more successful and smarter by the student exchange.

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