Agustus 28, 2011

Games Children Learning with Nature

Games Children Learning with Nature. Childhood is a time for mereka.Dunia Beautiful is the world's children play. Almost all of the time children spent in play activities. Play is an effective means to entertain, while also able to train agility children. At the time of play, children try out their ideas, ask questions and question the issues, and obtain answers to their problems.

Through the Block game such as children learn to dial-in to the size of an object with another. They learn to understand how the large beams that support the beams are small. They learn the concept of how things are bigger able to sustain the things that are smaller.
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Physically, the play provides an opportunity for children to develop motor skills. Games like the sport to develop flexibility, strength and muscle endurance in children. Playing on words (the words) is a muscular organ of speech training activities so that later the pronunciation of words better.

In play, children also learn to interact socially, to practice to share with others, menignkatkan social tolerance, and learn to play an active role to contribute to social group. In addition, the children also learn to play their role, whether in relation to gender (sex) or associated with a role in group play.

For instance in the game of war a child learn to be leaders, captains while others run as a supporting role. In relation to gender, children play a game in accordance with cultural stereotypes and the local community. For example, girls play-cooked cuisine, while the boys playing war. In this case the children undergoing the process of formation of self-identification by reflecting on the things that exist in society.

Through play, children also had the opportunity to develop the ability to his reason, because through games and tools games children learn to understand and comprehend a particular symptom. This activity itself is a dynamic process in which a child acquire information and knowledge that would be landasar basic knowledge of the subsequent learning process at a later date.
Children's games changed with the times, kids today would rather play toy remote control toy car with wheels instead of orange peel, squeeze them more agile than playing playstation sticks stilts. Play is a means like the children to learn to recognize and appreciate the surroundings. Through games relating to the nature of children learn to appreciate the natural environment.

Several types of games related to nature, among others:

1. Creativity Games
Children make their own games from a variety of materials available in nature for example: making cars of grapefruit skin, making puppets from cassava leaves, making the rifle from banana bark, etc..

2. Free play and spontaneous
In this game the child can do all things of interest. Children will continue to play the game during the game lead to pleasure and the child will stop when the game is no fun. In this game, children experiment or investigate, try, and get to know new things. Included in this game include: camping, hiking, fishing, climbing trees, cycling, track, swimming and so on.

3. Play
In this game, children play a role, imitating an admired character in real life, or in the mass media. For example: playing the market, playing a tree house, play war, and so on.

4. Playing music
Playing music can encourage children to develop social behavior, namely by working with peers in producing music, singing, or playing a musical instrument. For example: playing Angklung.

5. Gather or collect something
This activity often creates a sense of pride, because children have a collection of more than friends. In addition, the objects can affect personal and social adjustment of children. Children are encouraged to be honest, cooperate, and compete. Example: collecting shells, collecting rocks, collecting leaves to make a herbarium, and so on.

6. Sports games
In sports games, many children use physical energy, so it helps physical development. In addition, this activity encourages children to learn to get along, work together, play a leading role, as well as its ability to assess themselves and be realistic and fair. Examples of this game are: the Citadel, engrang, hide and seek, starch catfish, etc..

6. Creativity Games
Children make their own games from a variety of materials available in nature for example: making cars of grapefruit skin, making puppets from cassava leaves, making the rifle from banana bark, etc..

Hopefully the game with nature is to make children more diligent and relaxed to absorb the lesson that is given. See Also Online Eductaion with Colors Game and Online Education Bar Balance .

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