Agustus 17, 2011

Poems for Indonesia's independence Day

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Hot blazing sun undefeated ...
Red flag stand me .. White ..
Dark red and white in the mist ..

Flushed in a catastrophe of this country ..
Eliminate corrupt This country charm ..
Mellow red to white criminals ..

Garuda also spread your wings banish wicked issues ..
Wicked traitor nation ...
Carrion eaters evil people ..
Armed tie havoc ..
Harm is only available ..
Their brains are filled with inhabitants of Hell ...

Is trying to create a sense of longevity ..
.. A sense of caring by one nation ...
May the wrath away from my country
Hopefully traitor nation will rewarded melancholy story ..
Judgement itself evil .. in Red rose and white in the great throne ..
Indonesia at the end of the story .. one in the homeland ...

Congrats, Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia to 66 may still jaya Indonesia Raya.
In 17 August 2011

by: Edughoni

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Title: Poems for Indonesia's independence Day


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