Agustus 18, 2011

Unique,Burj Dubai Different Dawn [Sahur] and Breaking Fast-month of Ramadan

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blogBismillah -Unique,Burj Dubai Different Dawn [Sahur] and Breaking Fast. Who is not familiar with the grandeur of the Burj Dubai. The celebrity world has ever stay and buy luxury apartments in there.But... nothing unique about the Burj Dubai Tower is. Khalifa Tower of Dubai (Burj Dubai bi al-Khalifah) is unique due to the time and the meal breaking the fast. On the tallest building in the world that height reach 828 meters, the time to break and bersahurnya vary according to the size of the height.

Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Social Charity in the Emirate of Dubai,
UAE, called for the occupants of the building to break and dawn[sahur] in time is not the same, but varies according to altitude levels where they live and are.

The Ministry also provides clarity and schedule imsakiyyat (breaking-dawn[bersahur) specifically for the residents of Tower Khalifa. In the schedule are explained, if the occupant floors 1 through 80 floors to break at 19.00 local time, then penguni floors 81 to 150 break two minutes later (19:02), followed by residents of the floor 151 to 160, which broke the next three minutes (19:05). chek this picture..!!!

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blog

*Notes-i) Time Dawn [sahur] was started in mid-evening until dawn, but circumcised for mengakhirkan time bersahur namely approximately 10 or 15 minutes away before the dawn call to prayer bilal. The Prophet once said about dawn[bersahur] time it is in conjunction with reading 50 verses of the Quran.

*ii) And when the sun goes down [the evening prayer and iftar time], the night has come. And the commands of the Prophet Muhammad is to accelerate the breaking of the fast. His Word: "Man is always in good condition while still accelerating iftar". HR. Bukhari-Muslim. Do you think is true if the sound of the verse is "until midnight", or "until the end of the night". But the sound of the verse is "until evening". And Maghrib time is the beginning of the night, and it is now disunnahkannya fasting.

Described by the description, because the main difference imsakiyyat time for the occupants of the building is the distance of the sun when it rises and sinks. For the lowest level, the sun sets early, while the highest levels over five minutes late. But that's okay, because the difference just a few minutes. Not one day passed dechh..wkwkwkk , survivor's run fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan this . More patience...!!! See also 2 most mysterious places travel in China.

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Title: Unique,Burj Dubai Different Dawn [Sahur] and Breaking Fast-month of Ramadan


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