Agustus 18, 2011

Hypnosis Managing the Art of the Mind-That True

Hypnosis Managing the art of the mind. So that we can distinguish between hypnosis and black magic. We should know what it is science and history ..?.. hypnotic word "hypnosis" was first introduced by a famous English physician named James Braid who lived between the years 1795 to 1860. Before the Jame Braid, the hypnotist known as Mesmerism / Magnetism. Master hypnosis Indonesia Tomy Rafael.

Hypnosis comes from the word "Hypnos" which is the name of the Greek god of sleep. However, it should be understood that the hypnotic state is not the same with sleep. If the sleeping person is not aware and could not hear the voices around him, while those in the hypnotic state while his body like he was sleeping, he could still hear clearly and respond to information it receives.

Science of hypnosis has been studied scientifically for over 200 years. Many clinical and experimental studies trying to determine what is most unique of hypnosis compared to other mental phenomena. This uniqueness should be understood to formulate an accurate definition of hypnosis.

But until now, defisini hypnotic disclosed any figures still vary. Everyone agrees with the presence of hypnosis, but a lot of disagreement about what it is hypnotic. Some definitions of hypnosis are:

* Hypnosis is the art of communication to influence someone to change the level of awareness, which is achieved by lowering the brain waves from Beta to Alpha and Theta.

* Hypnosis is a state that resembles sleep that can be deliberately done to someone, in which a person who is hypnotized can answer questions and accept suggestions without resistance.

* Hypnosis is a technique or practice in influencing others to enter into a hypnotic trance.

* Hypnosis is a condition in which attention becomes very focused so that the level of suggestibility (the advice received) rose very high.

* Hypnosis is the art of communication to explore the subconscious.

* Hypnosis is a state of increased awareness.
All of the above definition can be said to be true, because it signifies one or more symptoms of the hypnotic condition. However, what is disclosed above have not been able to reflect what is most unique of hypnosis that is different from other mental conditions.

* Hypnosis is a Natural Phenomena and Normal.

You have a condition similar to hypnosis at least 2 times a day, that is when you will fall asleep and wake up but still lazy to get up. At that time, all the rest of your body but your mind still works even if in a trance.

Are you hypnotized by the story that you follow? Yes, you are hypnotized. Are you driven by a story in the film? Of course not. And that's what hypnosis. hypnosis only you can feel if you allow yourself to experience it. Like when you read a novel or watching a movie, you own that allow yourself to be affected by the film or lost in a novel.

"Hypnosis is not a way of mastering one's mind. Rather, the art of managing the mind. An expert hypnotist does not have supernatural powers that can control your mind. If you can not be forced to enjoy the movie, then you also can not be forced to be hypnotized."
hypnosis is a natural mental phenomena. Every normal human being has the ability to experience hypnosis. You can resist hypnosis by ignoring all that is said hipnotist. Just as you can refuse to moved by the sad story in the film by way of thinking about something else when watching movies.

Essentially hypnosis is not black magic or supernatural science but a science the art of managing the mind naturally.

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Title: Hypnosis Managing the Art of the Mind-That True


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