Agustus 22, 2011

13 Ways to Make Your Brain Genius

edughoni-brain genius13 Ways to make your Brain Genius. This is the greatness of our tiny brains. At birth a baby have 1,000,000,000,000 brain cells (neurons). Compare with a population of 6 billion world of the 21st century. This means the baby's head are the brain cells as much as 166 times the number of humans living on this planet.

Each brain cell has hundreds and thousands of branches or tentacles that look a lot like a micro-sized octopus.

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, has examined the brains of rats. They found that the brains of mice grew by 4 percent when they were forced to perform mental tasks every day, for example, find a way out of a winding alley, climbing stairs, and socialize with other rats.

Well, the mouse brain can be trained to grow, let alone the human brain. The more trained, our brains must be more sharply. Memory loss in a certain amount at any age is natural, just as changes in other organs. Importantly, do not be lazy to diligently train our brain to stay strong memory of all time.

1. Practice your ability to observe
Note the surrounding environment. Record in your mind what you see, ranging from the simplest and forwarded with the observation that more complicated.

2. Learn something new.
Many read and get acquainted with other things that may not be your field, can a foreign language, knowledge of computers, and others.

3. Use your hands to follow the instructions of the brain.
Such as playing guitar, typing without looking at the keys, doing crafts out of wood, or practicing penmanship.

4. Sharpen your senses.
Can be trained to distinguish the taste of food likes and what does not. Recognizing the smell and aroma in the vicinity or the sounds that exist in the way or may feel hot or cold air around you.

5. Memorize the names of friends and the pair number.
How many can remember? Rehearse so I could remember more.

6. Diligent hobby.
Use the opportunity to develop your hobby.

7. Learn and memorize important dates,

involving family members, friends, or a particular celebration.

8. Memorize something you like.
Could be it poetry, song, words from a book or someone's words. As much as possible also try to phrase that is used is a foreign language.

9. Exercise memorize a long sequence of numbers lined up,

for example 32145687390282930498.
This is a form of exercise to improve short-term memory. Do it by grouping or splitting it into several parts numbers, eg 0511-7380282 and 365856 then the last 933 498.

10. Remember personal journey.
What you are doing an hour ago, last week on Wednesday at 10.00, for example. With whom, where, and so on.

11. Remember and re-spending meticulous daily.
What did you buy yesterday? How much money is in your wallet right now? When did you last take the cash, and so on.


make it this one as it must every day even though we have just read the first sheet. Reading makes our brains become always honed. And avoid senility. Reading is a window of the heart.

13.Activation you Central Brain,

midbrain requires a sense of security and confidence in the foundation to enable and develop it.

These exercises will allow brain cells remain active and intercellular connective tissue of the brain the meeting. Challenging mental activities increase the number of active circuits or synapses in the brain. The more circuits, more and more associations, the greater the ability to remember.
let's do 13 of these so that our brains to be a genius and all matters to be smooth, makyoss.See also Master The Four science Internet Business-TOP .

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