Agustus 22, 2011

Master the Four Science Internet Business-TOP

Master the Four Science Internet business. This article I took from the famous Internet businesses Indonesia Cosa Aranda [translate-indonesia]. Why is it so important this article should be in the post ..? because if we do not master the four basic knowledge about this Internet business in guarantee you we do not get satisfactory results, because with my experience in the online world feel that way. Ya not wrong? He said Internet business can be done by anyone, no matter the level of education or science under their control? How come there are now four areas of science that should be controlled at all?

Well, I do not know how with other internet businesses, but for many years of experience working in the Internet business world led me to the conclusion that there are some significant areas of science in supporting the success of our Internet business field. No matter the field of internet business wherever it is. Want to know what these four areas of science?

IT / Information Technology
Including matters related to the internet and computers, both theoretical and technical knowledge in the field of IT will strongly support you in running an Internet business smoothly. For example, knowledge about the workings of the hosting server, how to use email, and so on. It need not be too detailed theoretically, such as could explain the outside in the sense of hosting (I myself was also confused when asked to explain technically), but at least know the picture of meaning and how it works. Shortages in the IT field will usually be able to inhibit the process of internet business practices in which we live. If it does so reasonably serious problem, but if just hampered because the real problem looks trivial but heavy because of sheer ignorance, is not it a waste of time its name.

For this field, the key to mastery is a lot of practice and a lot to ask. Buy books technical guide is fine, as long as practicable.

Though many branches - business management, work management, self-management, funds management, time management, and so forth - but the core of management science is always the same. And as already seen in the example of the branch which I write, I am sure most agree that this is a science that is quite important to master because it is closely related to the formation of intelligent systems work. Already discussions have not forgotten about the intelligent working system that we've discussed last year? :)

Business and Marketing
Although most books of the three disciplines above (I deliberately made a point because of similar but not identical) to focus on cases in the offline world, but actually a lot of lessons we can take and we apply in the online world. Originally we certainly observant. And the fact that a lot of marketing techniques, both for the blog and the product, which I apply on the basis of business books and offline marketing. Afterall, business is business, right? Going offline, not online, it remains a business name:)
To start, the book series 9 Elements of Hermawan Kartajaya Marketing is what I recommend. After it could proceed to the creative flow of books, including the marketing because I believe (and have felt for yourself the results) that success in marketing is how we do it in different ways.

How do different marketing a generic way to do? The key was in the science of psychology. But since I do not like reading books too much writing, I learned more psychological problems by simulating the properties of sellers and customers in myself. Characteristics of visitors or customers that already there has also been significant input. For example, why is there no money back guarantee on products basicguide.Com? Because psychologically, the statement indicates that I as the manufacturer's trust and confidence in the quality of the product concerned so that any customers will also have confidence in the product. It is not most people can see his point (there is no guarantee that regard as a form of disclaimer), but as I have ever been written in tips on choosing digital products, digital products we buy whatever we apply will not succeed if we do not have the confidence to the manufacturer's product or products concerned.

When we have mastered the four disciplines of the Internet business, be prepared you to be successful, a complete skill make a lot of money and fame in any field.see also Special Education Children is th solution.

source : Cosa aranda

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Title: Master the Four Science Internet Business-TOP


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