Agustus 26, 2011

Master of Special Education for Teachers from Australia

Now to become a master of special education in foreign countries already exist. By completing several units of the pad results of research emphasis.

Master of Special Education is intended for teachers and others with relevant experience who wish to obtain a professional postgraduate qualification in special education. If you want to get or update your skills in a dynamic field of study and practice, then this program is for you.

The approach used in the theory and practice of program mix, with an emphasis on applying research results to the best teaching practices.

What you will learn ?

You are required to complete 80 units of approved research to get a degree. Structure of the Master of Special Education provides three lines of specialization. You may graduate with a Master of Special Education with one of the following specializations:

* Generic special education (available through Weblearn and face to face classes on campus Callaghan)

* Neurotic behavior problems / (especially Weblearn, not available for international students)

* Hearing or visual impairment (available through the Centre Renwick through Weblearn).

This program provides research-based course content is designed to provide special education teachers and administrators with up to date skills to support a wide range of students with special needs. All courses available through distance education, with some programs that are available either face to face or on the Callaghan campus Renwick.

Renwick Centre conducts research and professional studies in education for children who have sensory disabilities. It is managed by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and is affiliated with the University of Newcastle. Courses can be conducted through weekly lectures, distance learning package and / or housing block.

Future of your career

Graduates are qualified teachers can be used as a special education teacher with the NSW Department of Education and Training, other Australian states and territory providers public schools, Catholic education, and the Australian provider of independent schools.

At this time, both the NSW Institute of Teachers and Teaching Australia does not yet support a set of professional standards for special education teachers. However, the content and structure of the recommended program of study at the University of Newcastle, is congruent with current NSW Department of Education and Training requirements for special education teachers, as well as international best practices in special education.

If you already hold a recognized special education qualification, you are free to choose courses from all specialties. However, any students interested in hearing or vision Renwick advised to contact the Centre before the course to make a choice.

Hopefully this information can help you to become a master of special education who have not noticed many other teachers. Especially teachers from Asia and Indonesia.

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Title: Master of Special Education for Teachers from Australia


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