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Know Inclusive Education to Children

Know Inclusive Education to Childrend. Various kinds of education in various disciplines of science in education there is a normal one with special needs, disabilities and some are exceptional.

Inclusive education is nothing new, including in Indonesia is generally that in a developed country such as America and Europe may already be familiar with this inclusion. There is some understanding of inclusive education,
including the inclusion is an approach that sought to transform the education system by eliminating the barriers that may hinder any student to participate fully in education. Existing barriers can be related to ethnic issues, gender, social status, poverty and others. In other words, inclusive education is the educational services that children with special needs children are educated together other (normal) to optimize its potential.

One of the groups most tereksklusi in getting an education is that students with disabilities. But this is not a homogenous group. Schools and other educational services must be flexible and accommodating to meet the diverse needs of students. They are also expected to find children who have not received education.

A. Classification of Children with Special Needs

Grouping children with special needs and the type of service, in accordance with the Program Directorate of Special School Year 2006 and Guidance Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education Department of Education are as follows:

1. Blind
2. Deaf
3. Tuna and mentally retarded: (a.l. Down Syndrome)
4. Light Tuna mentally retarded (IQ = 50-70)
5. Tuna Grahita Moderate (IQ = 25-50)
6. Tuna Grahita Weight (IQ 125) 
7.J. Talented: Potential special talents (Multiple Intelligences: Language, Logico-mathematic, Visuo-Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Natural, Spiritual).
8. Learning Difficulties (al hyperactive, ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia / Reading, dysgraphia / Write, Dyscalculia / Compute, dysphasia / Talk, dyspraxia / motor)
9. Slow Learning (IQ = 70 -90)
10. Autism
11. Drug Abusers
12. Indigo

2. Purpose

Education is a basic need of every human being to ensure its survival to be more dignified. Therefore the state has the obligation to provide quality education to every citizen without exception, including those with differing abilities (disabilities) as contained in the 1945 Constitution, article 31 (1). But unfortunately the education system in Indonesia have not accommodate diversity, resulting in the emergence of segmentation of the institution based on religious differences, ethnic, and even differences in both physical and mental abilities possessed by students. Clear segmentation of educational institutions has hampered the students to be able to learn to respect the reality of diversity in society.

During these children - children who have different abilities (disabilities) are provided special education facilities tailored to the degree and type of difabelnya called Extraordinary School (SLB). Unconsciously education system has built a wall eksklusifisme special schools for children - children with special needs. Wall eksklusifisme during this unconscious has hindered the process to know each other between the children - children with disabilities with children - non-disabled children. As a result of social interaction in the community with disabilities into community groups alienated from the social dynamics in society. Community become familiar with the life of disabled groups. While the disabled themselves feel their existence is not an integral part of community life in the vicinity.

Along with the growing demands of disabled groups in voicing their rights - their right, it later emerged the concept of inclusive education. One of the international agreements which promote the establishment of inclusive education system is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol adopted in March 2007. In article 24 of the Convention states that each country is obliged to keep inclusive education system at every level of education. As one goal is to promote the establishment of full participation with disabilities in community life. However, in practice inclusive education system in Indonesia still leaves the question back and forth between the government and education practitioners, in this case the teachers.

3. Benefits of School Inclusion

Although to date inclusive schools continues to make improvements in various aspects, but viewed from the side of the school ideally ideal of inclusion is a good school for children with and without disabilities. Created an environment that is supportive of children with special needs, they can learn from the spontaneous interaction of peers, especially from the social and emotional aspects. As for children with special needs who do not provide opportunities for them to learn empathy, being helpful and have a concern. Besides, there is other evidence that those without disabilities to have good performance without being distracted yag slightest

4. Problem formulation.

The provision of inclusive education system is one of the requirements that must be met to build a society of inclusion (inclusive society). A society of mutual respect and uphold the value - the value of diversity as part of the reality of life. Government through PP.No.19 of 2005 on National Education Standards, section 41 (1) has encouraged the establishment of inclusive educational system by stating that each unit of education that implement inclusive education must have competency of teachers who have organized learning for learners with special needs . Law - Law on inclusive education and even the pilot implementation of inclusion education was said to have done.

But the question now is:

1. The extent to which the seriousness of the government to encourage the implementation of inclusive education system for the disabled?
2. How is the curriculum used in inclusive education?

This is the background in forged Inclusion education to children with disabilities, whose responsibility is inseparable from the existing government. In accordance with existing legislation on the rights of the citizen to get a decent education. See also Master oF Special Education For Teacher from Australia.

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