Agustus 21, 2011

When in love Math Women Ignore ???

PhotobucketWhen in love Math Women Ignore? . Learn about women,Women are creatures full of mystery and Beautiful. Ordinary people assess the role of women in the world of science, technology and techniques into a man's world under-represented. Then, what most attracted the attention of women?

New research funded by the National Science Foundation and published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin said, when her head filled with love and romance, science and mathematics quickly faded from their minds.

In three different studies, women who were divided into three objectives, namely romantic, friends and academic. In one study, participants were shown different images associated with romance or intelligence.

In another study, one group of women heard a conversation about dating someone who followed the romantic and academic tests. The group also heard other women talk about tests and a recent visit to a friend.

Furthermore, the women were given questionnaires. The result, she heard stories romantic academic view in a negative way. Conversation about love and romance may even distract a woman rather than science and mathematics.

In a third study, women who are pursuing careers in math or science are required to do the associated love (dating) and intelligence (academic testing) for 21 days. The result, women who participated in the dating is more passive in science and mathematics. This is not just happen one day, but also the subsequent days.

"Gender cause women difficult to look smart in a masculine domain, such as science. In fact, studies show that women also deviates from the traditional values such as success in a man's world. And it violates people's expectations," says the author, Lora Park.

"On the other hand, men in unequal gender does not react like a woman," he said as quoted from Yourtango.

Love does make the creature in the world swept up and forget everything, from the prophet Adam to the present. Because women are the symbol of love of the world. Do you agree ..?

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Title: When in love Math Women Ignore ???


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