September 09, 2011

Title and designation of Higher Education Graduates

PhotobucketTitle and designation of Higher Education Graduates. Dream of the students are getting a good degree and prestigious after passing through various levels of education in the sails. After completing a certain education level, college graduates in Indonesia given the right to hold the title of academic or professional designation in accordance with the educational paths taken. The provision of this title and designation
stipulated in Government Regulation Number 30 of 1990 on Higher Education.

The structure of higher education in Indonesia knew two lines of education and academic education lines pathway of professional education. Academic education is more emphasis on the theoretical basis of science is organized through the program Bachelor (S1) and Post Graduate (includes program and Doctoral Master-S2-S3). Professional education emphasizes the application of science and technology organized through the Diploma (DI, DII, DIII, DIV) and Specialist (Sp1 and SP2).
Academic degree.

Colleges that can hold an academic education is high school, institutes, and universities. Graduates are entitled to an academic degree Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate.

Academic Degree and Masters Degree are placed behind the owner's name by including the letter S for the Bachelor and the letter M for Master, accompanied by the name of the relevant area of expertise.

Academic title Doctor of the owner's name is placed in advance with credit letters Dr.
Professional designation

Professional designation awarded to graduates of professional education. Colleges that can provide education professionals are academies, polytechnics, colleges, institutes, and universities.

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Title: Title and designation of Higher Education Graduates


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