Juli 06, 2011

Second Most Wanted in The World Looking For Interpol

Second most wanted man in the world looking for Interpol. Here's the latest news on the hunt for 2 people most in looking around the world. News of their already widely circulated throughout the media be it television, newspaper, and internet. Are their crimes ..? and why did they flee? Are they dangerous ..? why did they go to singapore ..?

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This is the latest release as of July 6, 2011, the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) or enter data themselves and the Interpol fugitive photo KPK, suspect cases of alleged bribery Kemenpora, Muhammad Nazaruddin, to the list of most wanted people in 188 countries members of the ICPO.

Thus was launched the official website ICPO Interpol, www.interpol.int, Tuesday (06/07/2011). In the poster the status of "wanted" this ICPO, mentioned Nazaruddin included in the Interpol wanted list for crimes of fraud or fraud.

Written Similarly, the entry's name is at the request Nazaruddin Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Indonesia. ICPO fugitive data mentioned is Muhammad Nazaruddin this time, male gender, birth Wake up, August 26, 1978 (32 th), an Indonesian citizen, height 1.80 meters or 71 inches, weight 75 kg or 165 pounds, black-eyed , black hair, and spoke English.
At the end, ICPO appealed for anyone who knew where to report to local police, national police or directly to the ICPO Interpol.

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Nunun Nurbaiti
While some time ago. Nunun Nurbaeti became the target of police internasioanal. National Police Chief Gen. Pradopo East has received a letter requesting the issuance of red notice (notification) of the Corruption Eradication Commission to capture Nunun Nurbaeti. (09, June 2011)

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Division of Public Information Police Comr Joey Boy Amar said the letter requesting the issuance of red police received notice last night. "It would then be sent to Interpol headquarters in France," he said.

Boy added, the headquarters of Interpol will disseminate information to the 188 member countries ICPO (International Crime Police Organization). When among the 188 countries that managed to monitor the presence Nunun, then the country must report to Indonesia as an applicant country. Hopefully Second most wanted man in the world looking for Interpol can be found immediately.

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