Juli 07, 2011

Why is it Difficult in Catching Fugitives

edughoni blog,education,funny,art,classical,unique bizarre,tutorial blogWhy is it Difficult in Catching Fugitives. Before this article I've posted an article for title two fugitives most in search of Interpol [Police of the world] all over the world, which is now center is located in the State of Thailand, Bangkok. According to former BIN Indonesia, General Hendropriyono [the State Intelligence Agency] Indonesia Why fugitives who fled abroad to be difficult in the catch, if you do not already know. State of Singapore is a haven for perpetrators of corruption in Indonesia. Why is that? Since Indonesia has no extradition treaty to the State of Singapore. Already 58 people an Indonesian citizen who had fled there. And have not caught all for now.

Although the State of Singapore's first goal they fled, When the State of Indonesia revoke their passports, the other state actors escape. With a fake passport., Fake passport is the solution of the corrupt to escape the next a state. According to the head of BIN, the fake passport was so easy in getting on the black market for $ 18,700, $ 20,000. on the internet there is also a second-passport.org name of the site. But to make false passports his country was changed to use the State of Zimbabwe, gayana, Dominicana or other African countries generally.

That is why the perpetrators of corruption in Indonesia is very difficult to catch. But if catching terrorists Indonesia whiz you know ..? Because they are not officials or friends with state officials.hehehee

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