September 09, 2011

35 Campus Indonesia QS Stars Winner 2011

Photobucket35 Campus Indonesia QS Stars Winner 2011. Indonesia is now the world can be proud with their education. Especially colleges. and can demonstrate to the world of education that they deserve to be made in place to take a higher education degree

Indonesia attracts visitors from around the globe come to experience That the culture and see the natural beauty of the country, with beautiful islands Such as Bali. Over 40 universities in Indonesia have taken up the QS Star rating to
increase of Their international presence to reach out to prospective students from around the globe.

Below are the Indonesian That universities have been rated in the QS Stars rating system to assist you in your decision making process.

35 Campus Indonesia QS Stars Winner 2011 :

1. Airlangga University
2. Institut Teknologi Bandung
3. Diponegoro University
4. Bogor Agricultural University
5. UB
6. Ahmad Dahlan University
7. Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University
8. Bina Nusantara University (Binus)
9. Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS)
10. Jember University

11. General Sudirman University
12. University of Muhammadiyah Malang
13. Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta
14. Padjadjaran University
15. Parahyangan Catholic University
16. Pasundan University
17. Sanata Dharma University
18. Eleven universities in March
19. Sriwijaya University
20. State University of Malang

21. Udayana University
22. Yogyakarta State University
23. Gunadarma University
24. Andalas University
25. Gorontalo State University
26. Syiah Kuala University
27. Education University of Indonesia
28. Hasanuddin University
29. Islamic University of Indonesia
30. University of Lampung
31. National University
32. State University of Makassar
33. National Institute of Technology Bandung
34. Petra Christian University
35. STSI Bandung

Stars QS program consists of an evaluation that runs for 3 years and has a base cluster based approach to rating (asterisk) that it has the advantage with a wider range than when using rank-based system. QS APPLE evaluate the achievement of the performance of universities in Indonesia through 5 (five) performance indicators, such as: Graduate Employability, Teaching Quaiity, lnfrastructure, lnternasionalisasi, and Engagement.

Determination of "star" is determined based on the value or the final score of all indicators. Passing grade for the "One Star" to "Five Star"

Do you now wish to study at one of 35 university campuses in a five-star Indonesia.??

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