September 17, 2011

The Best Tips On Writing His First Novel

PhotobucketThe best tips on writing his first novel. How many times after reading a novel you say, "I could write a book like this." Did you know that you are right. We all, I believe, has at least one novel in the mind or heart. Novelist Toni Morrison put it this way: "If there is one book that really want to read and write has never been before, then you must write it."

Writing a book is not an easy thing. However, every day there is always a book published.
In 1996, according to Books in Print, there are 1.3 million book titles published. The number of books published in the United States in 1996 alone amounted to 140,000. So, why not start doing it?

What is Required

I'm sure if you can write a simple sentence (especially, this is written by Ernest Hemingway), observing the world around you, and want to write a novel that can be sold, really want it, not just want it-then you can certainly do so. I do not believe anyone can become a writer by following the workshops, read books, or even read this article. Posts emerged from something that is inside of a writer. However, this article will save you time, pinpoint the exact path to you, and help you write a novel in 100 days or less.

Is Possible?

This has been proven. I already do so several times.
I know how it feels to spend an hour or a day (or overnight) to write. It's not easy to write a novel, especially if you have a steady job, family, and responsibility, but it can be done. Most authors in fact must lead a double life when they write his novel. However, once you manage to sell your first book, then you have the ability to leave your day job and devote the rest of your life to write in total.

The great writers have done

Of course you have a job. Of course you have a family. But two things are not preventing the great writers of the past. Poet Wallace Stevens worked as deputy director of an insurance company and an expert on the bond market. T.S. Elliot Young originally was a banker. William Carlos Williams was a pediatrician. Robert Frost was a poultry farm owner. Hart Crane work wrapping candies in his father's warehouse, and then work to write ad copy. Stephen Crane worked as a war correspondent. Marianne Moore worked at the New York Public Library. James Dickey worked at an advertising agency. Archibald MacLeish was Director of the Office of Facts and Figures for World War II

Start with a feeling of pure

What makes someone a writer? Maybe it was driven by an events that occurred in the early stages of life and forms of self-interest and awareness of the author.
Take the case of Jose Saramago, the first Portuguese-language writer who received the Nobel Prize in Literature. Son of a farmer and an illiterate mother who grew up in a house with no books, and it will take nearly 40 years for him to switch from a metal factory workers to government officials to the editor to the publication of a newspaper editor. 60 years of age have been stepped on as he began to receive recognition at home and abroad with two of his works, Baltasar and Blimunda.

When I was a child, he spent holidays at his grandfather's house in the village called Azinhaga. When his grandfather suffered a stroke and was taken to Lisbon for treatment, Saramago was still able to remember events that happened at that time, "He went into his yard, in which grew a few trees, fig trees, olive trees. Then he came to them one by one, the tree hugging and crying, saying goodbye to them because he knows will never come back. If you watch it, live with it, and it did not leave any impression in your next life, "said Saramago," then you have no taste. "
Start with pure feeling. Turn it into prose.

Let us begin

Sinclair Lewis was invited to speak before a number of students about the art of writing. He stood in front of the class and asked, "How many of you are truly serious about becoming a writer?" Some people raised their hands. Lewis then asked, "So, why do not you all go home and write?" After saying this he went out of the room.

The best tips on writing your first novel will be realized by following these easy tips. let's devote make hobbi write what's on in our minds that might inspire others and become better in his life.

PhotobucketMy favorite novelist Andrea Hirata from Indonesia. the work of outstanding literary novel and unusual. novels by whom do you most prefer? please leave a comment below and the reason you liked the essay they..???

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