September 12, 2011

Tourists in Dubai Student Learning Arabic

PhotobucketBismillah, Tourists in Dubai Student Learning Arabic. Where is the place for a vacation of fun to learn for students? in order to remain pleasant holiday and come home to new science. Sign in summer this year, foreign tourists flocking to Dubai to enjoy a variety of tour packages on offer, including shopping for branded goods renowned world-class at a discounted price. But among the tourists are mostly looking for fun, it turns out there are tourists who just want a serious student to learn international languages, especially Arabic.

Learning Arabic language gives them the opportunity to pursue a career in the field of international relations and diplomatic in the Middle East region. Knowledge of Arabic is also a gateway to understand the culture and art history-rich Arab.

"Dubai is a perfect blend between modern and traditional culture. Living here allows me to access the cultural artefacts of artistic and cultural Syria to Oman, without having to visit those places directly," said Jannike Thiesen, a student of the history of old fields 22 year-old Norway.

Thiesen last three weeks were spent in Dubai, to research his thesis on Islamic art in modern cities. He also took courses in Arabic summer course for two weeks.

Leslie Malouf extend his visit to Dubai to learn the language of his ancestors.

"Two friends (of Arab descent) come with me on this journey. We decided to Dubai, because here the use of two languages, which means safe for us. Although our Arabic language is weak, people can still understand it," said third-generation immigrant students Lebanese in the United States

"I decided to take Arabic in the first year of college. I always feel an integral part of cultural heritage, because I grew up speaking only English," explained Leslie.

After two years studying Arabic, Leslie decided to enroll into an intensive program, where students lived in a city whose everyday language they are learning.

"It could improve fluency and a great way to learn the language," he said.

Leslie had a dream to go to Beirut and to reestablish a relationship with the offspring of his ancestors there.

In addition to student tourists who pour into Dubai to learn Arabic, some are visiting the city to practice the English he learned.

Mehmet Uygur arrived in Dubai early last May to attend an English course for 12 weeks, before starting college in September next at the University of Nottingham, England.

"In Turkey, not least those who are studying in the English language's best medium, face psychological obstacles to speak in English. Most of us looking for an excuse to practice the language, but not easy to be eloquent because in Ankara all written in Turkish. It's hard to talk like real people, "says Uygur.

For Mehmet Uygur, Dubai is the perfect place to fill the summer holidays while practicing English, as well as learn both the Arabic language.

More than 150 students had enrolled in courses that there are several institutions in the city this summer, ranging from Eton Institute is offering a program of short courses, to the International House.

According to marketing manager Eton, educational tourism sector in Dubai fertile, because of the relatively affordable cost of the course with a high level of educational standards.

Most students who learn English are from neighboring countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

"England is a very important language for business. If you want to carve your name in the world, you have to think globally and speak English," said Said al-Qasim, 37-year-old businessman from Riyadh.

"United Arab Emirates offers so many opportunities for other Gulf states to learn. I want to be able to speak English well, so I could open the English course in Arabia some day," hope Al Qasim.

"In my opinion, education is one sector where we should invest in it. And the language of education is the burgeoning field that we have to work on," he said.

Semi-intensive courses in Arabic or English for 30 hours within 2 weeks at the International House cost 1200 to 1600 dirhams. In that place you can learn English for business or conversation.

Eton Institute offers courses of various international languages like Arabic, English, German, French and Italian, for summer classes. Training costs 60 hours for 3 weeks are 2250 dirhams for 2 levels. Learning time from Sunday to Thursday, every day.
Not a day without learning to life for the better, success came later, of course relaxing holiday in dubai. Vacation does not mean just spending time in vain, right? *

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