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The end of The Colombian Telenovela Nazaruddin

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Michael Manufandu&Nazaruddin 
The end of The Colombian Telenovela Nazaruddin. Latest news from Indonesia on Nazaruddin who had long been looking for Police Interpol. After last action via Skype interview with Iwan this piliang.Today Dramatic escape former Democratic Party Treasurer M. Nazaruddin ends well. He was arrested in the city known as a shooting location telenovela, Cartagena, Colombia after leaving Indonesia since
May 2011.

Suspect cases of bribery homestead Palembang SEA Games athletes were Colombian police arrested Sunday morning at 02.00 local time. He was arrested wearing a black shirt and jeans.

Last night (Indonesia time), the last position Nazaruddin already in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. "Now under the supervision of Interpol and Embassy officers also were there," said Chief of Police Public Relations Division Inspector General Anton Bachrul Alam in Jakarta last night.

Police teams Nazaruddin hunters that have been standby at Dominican, has also shifted towards Bogota to join Interpol and embassy officials. "The team that followed from Jakarta already left this morning (Monday, 08/08)," explained Anton.

The first news of the arrest Nazaruddin delivered directly Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto told a news conference yesterday at the State Palace. He explained if the confirmation of the capture Nazaruddin after Colombia's ambassador Michael Manufandu convey the action by the police and Interpol to Colombian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa.

"Hasi l inquiry in Cartagena, identical to what we call Nazaruddin," said Djoko Suyanto Coordinating Minister for Politics at the Office of the President. He also said the arrests were made at the right time.

Further Djoko explained if during this difficult Nazaruddin arrested for using fake identity on passports. In his passport, he used the name M. Syarifuddin. He was convinced the catch was not wrong because the ambassador had gone to Cartagena from Bogota, the capital of Colombia and met Nazaruddin.

From that meeting, Djoko said that if it is physically identical to what has been called Nazaruddin. Former TNI chief said Nazaruddin brought directly to Bogota.

Djoko explained, news Nazaruddin arrest was reported to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. According to him, Yudhoyono told to maintain the safety Nazaruddin. "(Message) second, he can be brought into the country to do the legal process," continued the National Police Chief Gen. Djoko who accompanied Pradopo East.

Separately, Ambassador to Colombia Michael Manufandu tell Nazaruddin capture process, in Cartagena, Colombia.

Via telephone to explain if he did not resist when arrested Nazaruddin. However, that does not mean the man just resigned. "He claimed his name Syarifuddin," he said.

Michael explained when arrested Nazaruddin was sitting alone at a cafe on the roadside. Nazaruddin when it was eating and was approached by the police of Colombia. "Clearly he confessed to run fast, I could buy food for breaking fast after being caught," said Ambassador Michael.

It may be that when arrested by local police in Colombia, was enjoying eating sahurnya Nazaruddin. What is clear, when he was alone.

Colombian police gave the news to his party-related arrests. The news was greeted with a direct flight to the city beach. "There, Nazaruddin not handcuffed," he explained.

Michael explains Nazaruddin face was pale. "Maybe because it was fast," he said. Nazaruddin entrust his private purse to the ambassador Michael. "Until now I have not opened," he said.

The bag was allegedly contained personal items, including some evidence Nazaruddin who had conveyed to the media. "To open it there should be a witness and now the status he is still in the hands of Interpol," said Ambassador Michael.

Although up to last night, people were still firm named Syafruddin, Michael still unsure if it faced was Nazaruddin. Moreover, the man's face often appear in various media. However, he did not make it because he wanted Nazaruddin remained cooperative with the embassy. "Therefore, a false identity Nazaruddin not scraped," he said.

From passport M. Syafruddin seen if before landing in Colombia in question had been to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Caribbean, and Colombia.

Separately, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) also delighted with the capture of Nazaruddin. Therefore, it was ending an investigation that had been made by various parties. Moreover, KPK spokesman Johan Budi said if it has actually been waiting for the capture of Nazaruddin. "Since last week we've detection," he said.

The information in to the KPK, Colombian police had been watching the movements Nazaruddin in Cartagena since Friday, August 5. Johan said the local police arrested Nazaruddin after seeing a red notice issued by Commission some time ago. "After ensuring that the new Nazaruddin carried out arrests and then report to the government of Indonesia," he explained.

Kadivhumas Police Inspector Anton Bachrul Alam explains Nazaruddin escape route. After flying to Singapore May 22, 2011, Nazar had lived a month in lion country.

After officially designated as suspects by the KPK Nazaruddin trying to deceive when it came out of Singapore. "As if he were to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), but actually to Vietnam," Anton said at Police Headquarters yesterday.

From Vietnam, said Anton, Nazaruddin moved to Cambodia. With a charter flight, then head Nazaruddin Bogota, Colombia, with the first transit in Madrid, Spain, and Dominican. "From the new Bogota to Cartagena," he said.

Nazaruddin, said Anton, known to be using a false passport under the name Syarifuddin when transiting in the Dominican. National Police Chief Gen. Pradopo East, he said, then sent a letter to the Interpol office in Central France to help arrest in Colombia. Data was also equipped with a fingerprint. "The results of our latest match. Suitable. So concerned was Nazaruddin, "he said.

In another part, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono seems to come relieved by arrest Nazaruddin. He appreciates the work the Police and the Commission in cooperation with Interpol. As a follow-up, Yudhoyono has asked the Chief of Police to provide protection to Nazaruddin.

He expects, after being taken back to the homeland and handled by the KPK, the case could be brighter. The process also runs in a transparent, accountable and objective. "Because we also want to know what really happened to the alleged crimes committed Nazaruddin handled by the KPK," said SBY.

DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party, Syamsul Mappareppa, Monday, August 8, said with the return Nazaruddin everything can be open. All this is just a rumor circulated that could not be confirmed.

"If it is deemed unlawful, yes in question must be dealt with legally," said former Democratic Party chairman DPD South Sulawesi.

Syamsul add Nazaruddin already ethically judged by the Democrats. The result, Nazaruddin expelled from the party whose birth dibidani's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Now we just case law.

Separately, members of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party, Ahmad Mubarok said he was happy with the arrest Nazaruddin. According to him, Nazaruddin accusations against the Democrats for this could be clearer.

Mubarok pleaded not worry, the song would later drag Nazaruddin more cadres of the Democratic Party. For Mubarok, if that's the truth, then that risk must be accepted.

In the same place, National Police Chief General Pradopo East said it was preparing measures to protect Nazaruddin rescue. "That is being prepared (steps)," he said.

Observers have also requested that the case Nazaruddin, Nazaruddin guarded strictly as in voiced by ICW [Indonesian Coruption Watch] and also the President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today. May all the truth about corruption in Indonesia can be uncovered. Who is right and wrong.???

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Title: The end of The Colombian Telenovela Nazaruddin


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