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Geo Targeting SEO Optimization

Geo Targeting SEO Optimization. Today I will be sharing about how Optimaslisasi Geo Targeting SEO blog that we manage. In order for your blog / web that we are constructing a good target for the index in search engines as well as to monetize or online business. Business users are very influential in google adsense earnings soon.A geo targeting two main strategies in SEO that can be selected:

Targeting a specific geographic area (geographic strategy):

1. Create a subdomain or subdirectory in the mother tongue (native language) are targeted geographic (German if you are targeting visitors from Germany) and geographical focus targets on Webmaster Central.

2. Place content on the server hosting the subdomain area targeted.

3. Build backlinks from similar TLD [Top Level Domain]

Targeting a specific language (language strategies):
1. Create a subdirectory for a particular native language (eg, / nl for Dutch)

2. Build backlinks from sites in the same language as the language subdirectory.

3. Do not use geographic targeting (geographic strategy)

Reasons for not using the same strategy with the strategy of geographical language is because if the search do a search on in a particular language, then the page with the language you are looking for will get priority over pages that are optimized for a particular geographic area.

Geographical strategy means getting a chance on Google other than The strategy has a chance in the language means the language used to search.
Maybe you do not want to vote and want to apply both to increase the visibility of your site either on google dot google dot com or other.

Note the traffic logs to determine the origin of traffic your web site today - assuming your site uses English or other languages that are widely used in the world (if your site in the Indonesian language, certainly more than 90% of visitors must be from Indonesia). Note also the bounce rate.

Example: if your web site a lot of traffic coming from Germany and the bounce rate was quite high compared to visitors from the USA, make a subdirectory for the German language ( / de). It is a language strategy.
For geographic strategy, you then create a subdomain ( and subdomains hosted on servers located in Germany, then set the geographical targeting to Germany at Webmaster Central. Repeat this process on all the regions that contribute to traffic on your site.

Important Note
• If you ONLY want to focus and target a specific language, a subdirectory, then do not do optimization geographic targeting (geographic strategy).

• You can also execute the strategy / targeting language subdomains, in addition to a subdirectory, but if you have a gTLD (generic Top Level Domains). Com use subdirectories, not subdomains.

• Title of sites and site pages and content in a subdirectory or subdomain must be in mother tongue (native language), use the terms characteristic of the language.

• Always use a language based meta tags.

• Place a subdomain for geographic targeting (geographic strategy) on the server hosting the region

• When using a subdomain, give a link (link) from the main site.

• Each subdomain has a sitemap respectively.

• At the meta tags and content, use the correct terminology (eg, if you are targeting the U.S. and the UK then your website sells pants and sweaters, then the pants and sweaters fit for the U.S., while the trouser and jumper is more suitable for the UK).

• When doing link building, get backlinks from the same TLD (eg, links from. Nl for the domain. Nl and contains Dutch language, or. link to. with content Indonesian).

• If your site type TLD ccTLD (country code Top Level Domains) like. Fr or. De or *. ps, then you do not bother running a geographic strategy because it is automatically associated with the regional allocation, just stay put at the right hosting server.

So, if you have a site with a TLD such as. Com and. and the U.S. and UK are so target your SEO, then no longer have to think of geographic strategy (geographic targeting).

But if you want to run as well as geographic and language targeting, then first create a subdirectory with the content in the native language and refer to the traffic logs (can use Google Analytics). See the origin of many visitors who visit your site.

English was a lot of variations, such as U.S. Home, UK, New Zealand, Australia, if indeed the intention of make a subdirectory for each variation and list the typical terms of each variation on the title, meta tags, and content. Create a sitemap.xml for each subdirectory and send all the sitemap.xml to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

The next step is to create a subdomain and subdomains are placed on the server hosting the country / region you are focusing on. Create content in the native language, repeat the above steps and set the geographic focus of each subdomain in Webmaster Central.

With this strategy, you will have an edge over competitors SEO (or even be fewer competitors). It does not matter whether the search is performed from inside or outside a certain area, it does not matter whether your site is 'native' or just 'ride' in the region, no matter whether the search do a search in the native language or manually using google domains such as . mx maximal targeting Geo. Blog / web you will often be trialled by search engines.

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