Agustus 08, 2011

Learning Physics Transveral Wave

Let's learn physics fun while playing. Although the spirit of Ramadan still learning. Yuks play. Now try to tie a long rope to a tree trunk or pole, then you end with a strong hold. Then at the end of the rope you give the bracelet. Now your task is how to make bracelets at the end of the rope to get to the other end. Interesting huh? Let you pull the rope tight, no change. But Try to lift the rope up high, hey look ... the bracelet can walk, but still caught in
the middle of the road. Let you down strap, bracelet was not concerned anymore, but still in the middle of the road. Then you think, why do not we just shake the rope up and down, and ... look, the bracelet can walk vines follow the rhythm of the rope that you shake. The sooner you ropes vibrating, the faster the bracelet to its destination.

Existing wave vibration in the rope is known as a wave or transverse wave propagation rope. Its form and its movement up and down perpendicular to the direction of the wave. We know this could usher in a wave medium, then we see that an object which we can place it on one end to the other end by using the wave transveral.

Hopefully Learn Physics while playing on transveral wave bye fun playing in the next lesson.

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Title: Learning Physics Transveral Wave


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