Agustus 09, 2011

Secrets of Natural Disasters Earthquake Tragedy

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blogSecrets of Natural Disasters Earthquake Tragedy. Bismillah, Month of Ramadan is a month full of contemplation.God as ruler of heaven and earth.. He could make anything from earthquakes, natural disasters natural creation anytime and anywhere. But of all that of course there are lessons, lessons that should be read from the signs he gave.

For that let us always think positive of every event of course you and I also get the wisdom contained in the secret.

1. With earthquake early humans reminded that earthquakes are 1 million percent of the all-powerful it is to be expected that Judgement, in which not only locally but the destruction of the solar system and universe.

2. By the looks of buildings earthquake-risk buildings were destroyed and surviving. Thus the science of building construction can learn from the nature of the earthquake. Born will be a lot of construction experts earthquake in Indonesia.

3. By then it can be known earthquake-prone regions earthquake, landslide prone to it should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Earthquake coming unpredictable in both time and place for it if you want to repent are also not waiting for already aging like me (ho he ho), the cause of death / disaster also can not know the time and place.

5. Earthquakes are the most tangible reminder of God, that man is indeed very helpless. For that there are no protectors other than Allah God the Almighty.

Conclusion Secrets of Natural Disasters Earthquake Tragedy :

Perhaps we wonder why there tragedy Natural disasters . Is not love a human god creation ..? There is nothing wrong with earthquakes, was part of a system that has been created by God. That is the constant that can not be denied and avoided. Only people who can read and understand of all events and learn from events that have wisdom and a great benefit, for the impact of the earthquake itself. Repent and surrender always ask for his protection to survive, always willing to talk to our mistakes. So that we can recognize the signs that have been presented above all else, be it good or bad events. Happy fasting, O Muslims. Month of Ramadan self-control, introspection and the month of forgiveness.

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Title: Secrets of Natural Disasters Earthquake Tragedy


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