Agustus 18, 2011

3 Secret Tips Edughoni Increase Income-Easy 4 Succes

Bismillah ,3 Secret Tips Edughoni Increase Income. The difficulty is the challenge, make every issue becomes a difficult challenge and Win the challenge of our lives. Many people who consider money to be saved or invested as a major problem. But we have to see this issue as an opportunity rather than as a hindrance. These opportunities come in three forms If we know it is faster and more brilliant life:

1. Practice frugality careful disposition
2. Reduce shopping
3. Increase income with additional income outside of our regular job.

For people who are motivated, objective-the objective is easily achieved without knowing the age limit and expertise. Let us examine one by one:

1. Practice frugality careful disposition

One case is very difficult to do at first, but he could easily become a good character is to keep most of your income than .. Discipline is very good, because he does not give you the opportunity to waste it.

We recommend that the money was put into an account that is not easily removed. This money should be saved to be invested, and unnatural if it is used for your everyday shopping, although in a state of urgency.

Maybe you do not agree with this way, because usually you shopping beyond what you're get , but you are advised to do so from now on.

You might also ask, how much money needs to be saved. We recommend that you start saving at least 10 percent rather than the income you earn.

In a short time, the amount of money you deposit will be many and this will give encouragement to you to keep the number even more.

2. Reduce shopping

We always spend money on many things. Among them is an indispensable shopping such as rent, buy food, pay bills and buy clothes bill. And there are also among the spend on things that are not so necessary, but we do as well as varying vehicle, buying a home decoration and some of them are shopping for a luxury, but the case was not required and proficiency level can be at the right edge first.

Secret shopping is to reduce by assessing the overall original shopping malls and cut unnecessary or at the right edge used without disturbing the quality of your life. It is not allowed to travel or eat out, but you should spare time was used to design your finances.

There is also a hidden shopping, for example, you can save the use of sugar, and reduce smoking. Actually, in this way without knowing it you can stretch out on millions of dollars a year. Between cases that can be saving is as follows:

Rent Houses
Moving house is the rent is cheaper, or buy their own homes because it is more profitable for the long period of time.

Credit card
Pay as soon as possible to avoid drift interest.

Home Furniture
Gas, electricity, kerosene or fire materials should be used sparingly. Summarize the conversation over the phone, or you use the phone at night except for emergencies. Call at night is very thrift because they cost less.

Buying a lot of food at once is cheaper. Buy of the week the market or bazaar. Eat less fatty because usually more expensive. Instead eat foods that are nutritious but cheaper. If you have workplace canteen, you can eat in the cafeteria order to reduce eating out.

Buying clothes and durable quality is better than too often buy clothes that are cheap but easily damaged.

If you rarely use it do not buy it. If you always use it, buy an economical model. Service and repair for yourself what we can afford. Wash your own car. And should always know the price of car servicing and spare parts prices.

Go recreation place that is close and cheaper cost.

The above example is a small sacrifice that could some help and thrift money. He will not interfere with the quality of your life at present, but the benefits are many for luxury in the future.

3. Adding Income

In addition to efforts to save money, you also need to supplement their income. Effort to raise their income seems difficult, but if you want to try it is not very difficult.
Both from a business offline or Business OnLine

The first task if you want to find sources to increase revenue is to recognize exactly what you like and you can make the case well.

Every person has the expertise, they usually have one or two key skills and some (talent) small. Delivery expertise talent is very important to obtain your joy and happiness.

If you are able to bring that expertise in the field of to entrepreneurs, of course he can bring a very decent profit. For example if you are good to use hands, you try to Think to make a side job to fix something.

You can also do work related to plumbing or pipes, clocks, radios or computers. If you interest in gardening, try advantage this hobby by offering services to others, such as a garden, selling vegetables to others, fruits, seeds and so on.

If you love to talk and meet with many people, you might be able to sell something. You can engage in direct selling, or teach, or selling insurance. If you have something of expertise, you can teach it to others, whether freely or formally.

You will only be successful if you do work you love, which he used your talents and can channel it toward profitable. Many people think only some industries are profitable, but you really can succeed even in any field. It has been proven by millionaires who have experienced it.

Do not be criticized for all the ideas are given, then the idea was screened and reviewed and analyzed so that a solution can be realized. No matter how much time is needed, maybe one or two days, a week or a month, provided he is not buried away. This is usually true, because if we have ideas but do not make any action, finally after many years we remain positioned for long.

Or you can also do it alone, find a quiet place or you wake up early dawn prayer, after that you do not sleep anymore. Forget the daily problems and calm mind, or you better wake up nights to pray tahajud [midnight prayer-islam]. God willing, such work will make it easier to get inspiration.

Thus the secret of making money that much, he is one integrated business or joining. One effort will strengthen other businesses. The author would also like to remind that the above matters should be supported with matters that were sent by religion such as prayer, alms, charity, helping people and so on.

It is very necessary because each of goodness and kindness will be rewarded with all the effort only to come with blessings and mercy from Allah SWT [GOD]. We also have to resignation, and as believers we must constantly assess the blessing and every good and evil. Hopefully God will provide sustenance in abundance easily to us. May 3 secret tips edughoni can increase your income with a maximum.And insure our lives in life's difficulties. The results were always positive living calculators, If anyone wants to add please share in the comments field for more tips.


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Title: 3 Secret Tips Edughoni Increase Income-Easy 4 Succes


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