Agustus 18, 2011

Edughoni Sharing About Wisdom Sharing Difficulties

Edughoni Sharing About Wisdom Sharing Difficulties. Instead of drowning in sadness due to the difficulty, why we do not trying to take lessons in a way prejudice either to ALLAH SWT [GOD]. Perhaps with the advent of trouble to us, that we:

1. have a stronger heart, because the difficulty strengthen our hearts.

2. aware of any shortcomings and mistakes so that we repent
and our sins are forgiven.

3. free from the sense of 'ujub [proud of myself], the difficulty is that it can be a warning because
we feel can and feel smart

4. not negligent, was the real difficulties lie ahead.

5. more remembrance of Allah SWT [GOD]

6. more be patient, because maybe this difficulty is to exercise
Be patient.

7. Further understand that the temptation must have no end, if we always attempted with the astute and correct everything will be better in life through the problem.

As word of successful people in the dark before the dawn, then as soon as possible Take every opportunity, and then optimize the skills and personality. The difficulty must exist in every struggle to live a successful and many lessons yangbakan make us more mature by living our lives. See Also 3 secrets tips Edughoni Increase Income
*Wisdom/Clutter your life then life will give us the best.

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Title: Edughoni Sharing About Wisdom Sharing Difficulties


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