Agustus 15, 2011

7 Types Of food make the Low IQ- Be Careful

Food low IQ
7 types of food make the low IQ. Food is a source of strength for all of our brains. But the foods that contain lots of fat and sugar like processed foods, it is known, can make the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of children to be low.

Note also, eating habits in children aged 3 years to form their thought patterns as adults. Moreover, according to research scientist Bristol to
thousands of children in the UK, proved that the consumption of processed foods, especially in children aged three years, directly impacting on the lower IQ at 8 years old child.

Conversely, foods that are packed with vitamins and good nutrition can the quality of children's mental age in line with the addition. "This suggests that the effect of eating habits in early childhood can have an impact later in life," said one researcher, as quoted by the Press Association on Tuesday (8 / 2).

Meanwhile, also held the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and children (ALSPAC) which tracks the health of long-term track record of around 14 thousand children. In the study, parents filled out questionnaires specifying the type and frequency of food and beverages consumed by their children at the age of 3, 4, 7, and 8 years. Found, each one point increase in diet score, a record intake of fat, have an impact on the reduction in IQ of 1.67.

The brain is growing rapidly in the first three years of life. "It is possible that good nutrition during this period to encourage optimal brain growth," he added.

To work around here are some examples of processed foods that need to be reduced:

1. Canned foods that contain lots of sodium.
2. White bread and similar products are less healthy than wheat.
3. Sugary cereals in the packaging.
4. Packaged snacks like chips.
5. Frozen foods.
6. Processed meat. (Pri/OL-06)
7. And lastly do not be too spicy foods that much.

Nach pack your child's diet with vitamins and nutritional quality. Hopefully with good food produces great IQ.

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Title: 7 Types Of food make the Low IQ- Be Careful


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