Agustus 15, 2011

Real Facts existence Of Islam in America-True History

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blog,pagerank,update,amazing,surprise,islamReal Facts existence of Islam in America . Amerika.flashback scour the existence of Islam in the year 999 AD: Muslim historian Abu Bakr Ibn Umar Al-Guttiya recounts during the reign of Caliph Hisham II named Muslm Spain (976 AD -1009 AD), a Muslim navigator Ibn Farrukh named had sailed from Kadesh on February 999 AD to the
Atlantic. He anchored at Gando or the Canary Islands Kingdom. King Ibn Farrukh visit Guanariga. The Muslim explorers gave the name of two islands namely Capraria and Pluitana. Ibn Farrukh returned to Spain in May 999 AD

Year 1178 AD: A Chinese document called Document Sung noted Muslim sailors traveling to an area called Mu-Lan-Pi (America). Year 1310 AD: Abu Bakari a Muslim king of the Kingdom of Mali perform a series of traveling to new countries. Year 1312 AD: A Muslim from Africa (Mandiga) arrived in the Gulf of Mexico to explore the American use of the Mississippi River as a main line trip.

1530 M: Slaves from Africa arrived in America. During the period of slavery more than 10 million Africans were sold to America. Most slaves came from Fulas, Fula Jallon, Fula Toro, and Massiona - West Asia region. 30 percent of the number of slaves from Africa were Muslims.

1539 AD: Estevanico of Azamor, a Muslim from Morocco, landing on Florida soil. No fewer than two states ie Arizona and New Mexico owes this to the Muslims of Morocco. In 1732 M: Ayyub ibn Sulaiman Jallon, a Muslim slave in Maryland, liberated by James Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia. In 1790 AD: The Moors of Spain reportedly been living in South Carolina and Florida.

Sequoyah, also known as George GIST Other evidence is that Columbus himself knew that the people Carib (Caribbean) are followers of the Prophet Muhammad. He ideology that Muslims have been there, especially those from the West Coast of Africa.

They inhabit the Caribbean, North and South America. But unlike Columbus who wanted to dominate and enslave the American people. The Muslims came to trade and even some married native people.

Historian Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before his work in Columbus proved the existence of contacts between Muslim African with native Americans. In his other works, African Presence in Early America, Van Sertima, find the fact that the Muslim traders from Arabia is also very active trade with the people who live in America.

Van Sertima also said, when set foot in the Americas, Columbus also expressed his admiration for the Caribbean are already Muslim. "Columbus was also the year that the Muslims from the West coast of Africa have lived first in the Caribbean, Central America, South and North," said Van Sertima. Muslims who initially trade has built communities in the area by marrying a native.

According to Van Sertima, Columbus also claim to see a mosque while sailing through the Gibara coast of Cuba. In addition, the Spanish explorer nationals have also witnessed the mosque stands majestically in Cuba, Mexico, Texas and Nevada. That is real proof that Islam has been sowing its civilization in the Americas long before the West arrived.

Columbus further admitted on October 21, 1492 in a voyage between Gibara Coast and Cuba saw a mosque (standing on a hill with a beautifully written by other sources). Until now, the remains of the ruins of mosques have been found in Cuba, Mexico, Texas and Nevada.

And did you know? 2 person boat captain who led by Columbus captain Pinta and Nina are the Muslim people of the two brothers Martin Alonso Pinzon and Vicente Pinzon Yanex are still a family from Morocco Abuzayan Sultan Muhammad III (1362). [THACHER, John Boyd: Christopher Columbus, New York 1950].

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Title: Real Facts existence Of Islam in America-True History


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