Agustus 11, 2011

Understanding and Learning The benefits Of Islam

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blog,islam,philosofhyUnderstanding and learning the benefits of Islam.Understanding Islamic Philosophy. Islamic philosophy is the brainchild of philosophers about the divine teachings, prophetic, human, and natural illuminated Islamic teachings in a rule are logical and systematic thinking. Meanwhile, according to Ahmad Fu ¡| Ahwani ad al-Islam is a discussion of the philosophy of nature and human disanari Islamic teachings.

A brief history of the emergence of Islamic Philosophy. Philosophy is technically a way of thinking emerged in the early days of the Abbasid glory. Under the reign of Harun al ¡Vrasyid,
began translating Greek books into Arabic. Many people were sent to the Roman empire in Europe to buy the manuscript. Initially overlooked is the knowledge of medicine, but then also other knowledge-pengatahuan including philosophy.

This translation of most of the essays of Aristotle, Plato, as well as essays on Neoplatonism, by Galen, as well as other essays about medical science, which is also about the science that can be read other Greek scholars of Islam. Soon-filofof arise philosophers and experts in science, especially medicine kalam/voice Muslims.

Purpose and learning benefits. Purpose of studying Islamic philosophy is love of truth and wisdom. While the benefits of learning are: 

1. Can help and educate, build myself to think deeper and realized that he was God's creatures .

2. Could provide the customs and intelligence to see and solve problems

3. Influence of Islamic Philosophy of Islamic studies, particularly in the fields of Sufism, theology, and jurisprudence.

hopefully in the study of Islamic philosophy can illuminate how the life of Islam and correct.

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Title: Understanding and Learning The benefits Of Islam


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