Agustus 11, 2011

Made from Spices, New Calligraphic Art

Made from spices, new calligraphic Art. Art is the work whose inspiration can be from anywhere and from any materials we can menciptakkannya pa. One is the art of Arabic calligraphy writing. Here is a very unique and different from the others. Calligraphy art made from spices do calligraphy artist named Yasin Ronasli. He uses ingredients such as spices coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, coffee and chili that nicely laid out with
basic material on the canvas. To attract attention, the spices used are dyes.

The idea made calligraphic spice up because he wanted to create a different work than others. Well as beneficial to others. So Yasin who had a tattoo art work and proves even switch professions, wages create a unique calligraphy since three years ago is quite attractive, especially in the month of Ramadan. Demand for calligraphy made from this herb increases sharply.

The workmanship of Yasin are sold at prices varying between $50 to $150 . Unfortunately there is currently no photographs of art made from raw calligraphy. But maybe this could be an inspiration to us all. That the artwork can be made from any material if we diligently search for new things around us.

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Title: Made from Spices, New Calligraphic Art


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