Agustus 11, 2011

Islamic Philosophy Virus to Various Islamic Studies

Islamic Philosophy Virus to Various Islamic Studies. A brief history of the emergence of Islamic Philosophy. Philosophy is technically a way of thinking emerged in the early days of the Abbasid glory. Under the reign of Harun al ¡Vrasyid, began translating Greek books into Arabic. Many people were sent to the Roman empire in Europe to buy the manuscript. Initially overlooked is the knowledge of medicine, but then also other knowledge-knowledge including philosophy. Read about the meaning and range of the previous Islamic philosophy.

A huge influence for the development of Islamic Religion of the past until today. Islamic philosophy of the various Islamic studies, particularly in the fields of Sufism, theology, and jurisprudence.

Islam Mysticism Philosophy of Science
Sufism as a science that studies how and how Muslims are close, as close to God. Sufism is divided into two, namely Amali and Sufism Sufism Falsafi. From these groupings reflected the philosophical elements in the teachings of Sufism, such as the use of logic in explaining maqamat (al-mortal, al-baqa, Ittihad, hulul, Wahdat al-existent).

Islamic Philosophy with Science Kalam (Theology)
After the 6th century Hijri occur anatara mixing philosophy with the science of kalam, so the science of kalam swallowing a raw philosophy and set forth in a variety of evidence by which Tawhid Science. Namely pembmahasan kalam science problems by emphasizing usage of semantic (logic) Aristotle as a method, similar to the method pursued by philosophers. Despite Kalam Science texts still make religion as the principal source, but in reality the use of propositions that appear in the conversation naqli mutakalimin. On this basis a number of experts include Kalam Science within the scope of Islamic Philosophy.

Fiqh of Islamic Philosophy by Science
In interpreting the verses of al-Qur ¡| an concerning the law required of ijtihad, which is an attempt to use reason and principle kelogisan to issue legal provisions of the source. Shaykh Mustafa ¡¥ Abdurrazaq in his book entitled Tawhid Li Tarikhul Falsafatil Islamiyah (Islamic historical introduction) states, that science is fully created and Usul Fiqh foundations laid by the ash-Syafi ¡| ie, it will clearly see the various symptoms of philosophical thinking .

 I hope to help and educate, build yourself to think deeper and realized that he was God's creatures by knowing about the philosophy of Islam.

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Title: Islamic Philosophy Virus to Various Islamic Studies


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