Juli 28, 2011

10 best works of Bill Gates

Who does not know the billionaire Bill Gates ..? He is the boss of the companies Microsoft, with brain and tremendous wealth. Wealth comes from the work they create. Namely various computer devices that we are using. Top 10 best works of Bill Gates : let's look at both:

1.MS-DOS (1981-2000)
This one is a legend and can not be used by ordinary people - but bring in money like water to him, and help Microsoft make software licensing concept.
2.Peripherals (1982)
Microsoft has a software company since its establishment, did not prevent them from making high-quality equipment. Before the Xbox and Zune, they even have popularized the mouse wheel, force-feedback joysticks, controllers, the modern optical mouse and ergonomic keyboard.

3.Office (1989 on Mac, 1990 on PC)
Word, Excel and PowerPoint separately can perform their duties properly, but when Microsoft combined them into one package called Office - it has selling points that have been proven to improve productivity - is required by virtually all companies today.

4.Visual Basic (1991-1998)
Visual Basic carry enormous implications for the world of computers. Although ordinary computer users have probably never heard of VB Microsoft first released 17 years ago, usability and graphical display that allows the VB has a lot of enthusiasm to be a developer application which resulted into many third-party applications created for Windows in the 1990's .
Runners-up: DirectX, Flight Sim, Portable Media Center, Solitaire and Minesweeper

5.Windows 3.1 (1992) / NT 3.5 (1994)
It took several versions before successfully, but when finally released version 3.1 of Windows. Microsoft finally has a product that can attract PC users from the command line. Windows NT may not be able to quench the thirst of all users, but at least it brings the OS to the world of 32-bit as well as opening the way for the computer desktop as we know it today.

6.Internet Explorer (IE) (1995)
It is not difficult for people to remember the "Internet Explorer" as your standard of Gates as well as forming the image of the king of technology companies. IE is also a leading manufacture of application-based Ajax application via XMLHttpRequest and popularize the CSS specification, although the installation of CSS in IE tends to lose than most other modern browsers today.
7.Windows CE / Mobile (1996)
Two projects of Windows CE and Windows Mobile directly executed by order of Bill. What was originally just a small component, has now developed into a mobile OS that can be used on almost any portable device that exists.

8.Windows 2000 and XP (2000)
When thinking about Microsoft and the new millennium, fortunately Windows ME are not the only product that came after Y2K, because Windows 2000 is coming to save the world. Windows 2000 was so successful that Gates decided to use Windows 2000 as the foundation for the next desktop OS, that XP is the view of many people is still a high-quality OS that was last issued by Microsoft.

9.Media Center (2002)
Tivo's DVR dominate and competitors who continue to come - and gone over the years, Media Center has always been a high-quality products that are less valued. Even though he acknowledges that the company continues to strive to facilitate the use of its products, but the Windows Media Center is really proving that Microsoft is still capable of making sophisticated products are easy to use.

10.Xbox (2001) and the Xbox 360 (2005)
In 1999, Bill believed that all multimedia will eventually gather in one place and said that the new gaming / multimedia tools would be a Trojan horse for Microsoft to enter the living rooms around the world. In 2001, the Xbox into new territories that were previously dominated by Sony's Playstation and Nintendo N64.

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