Agustus 07, 2011

Articles With Networkedblog Optimization

Articles with Networkedblog optimization. Than through the Mirror Blog, Facebook also provides other applications to promote your own blog is by joining through NetworkedBlog.
You also do not miss to participate to promote the blog through NetworkedBlog.
The benefits of NetworkedBlog, including:

Any posts from Blog will be updated automatically on a Facebook profile.
Adding traffic to the blogs listed on NetworkedBlog.
Your friend in Facebook can be a follower with a Facebook account respectively.
Other benefits do you find after you promote the blog on NetworkedBlog.

The main requirement on NetworkedBlog promote your blog, you must first have a Facebook account (I am sure you also have a Facebook account)
Steps memprosikan Blog at NetworkedBlog.

1. Visit NetworkedBlog. 

2. NetworkwdBlog click on the "Add Your Blog" 

Next you will be prompted to log in to Facebook with your Facebook account.

3.Copy script, then plug in the sidebar of your blog by way of: 

4.After login with your Facebook account, you are asked to become a follower of the blog that has been registered on NetworkedBlog least 5 blogs that you should follow, 

5.Setelah that click button NEXT. 

6. Click the link to the Networked home page. 

7. click the Register button to register ablog blogs you manage. 

8.Isi in a column that has been available about your blog.

9. Select the YES button, declare that clearly Blog is your Blog. 

10. Click Link USE the widget / Install Badge for Html code. 

11. Copy the script, then plug in the sidebar of your blog by way of:

  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Select Design Page Elements section.
  • Click the Add a Gadget.
  • Choose HTML / JavaSript.
  • Paste the script was in the fields.
  • Click the Save button.

Done. Now you just wait for the approval of NetworkedBlog.
Good luck, may be useful. See also article on blogs that can optimize every article that you created automatically with the settings on page Make Seo Friendly Automatic Permalink Beginner Blogger .

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Title: Articles With Networkedblog Optimization


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