Juli 10, 2011

Maximal Pageview with Google Coustum

Maximizing your blog page view by creating its own blog search engine. The trick is to create a Google coustum. And take the code html / has JavaScript on google itself.
It is very easy yuks we refer to with:

1. Glide to Google Custom Search
2. Select Create a Custom Search Engine <span id="fullpost">

Describe your search engine


Alter your search engine

Fill in the site that will be traced as an example http://edughoni.blogspot.com/

Then check I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

Then click advanced

3. Choose the style of google custom search / color search engine
4. select Continue
5. After that you will get its element code
6. Copy the code elements
7. After that, log in to your blog-> select design-> page elements-> added the gadget--> select html java script-> paste
8. Last save.

That's how to create a search engine dib log / website itself by working with the google search engine. search will appear on your own blog and artikelnyapun all articles from your own blog.

this example, please look for articles that you want on my blog :


Page Information Article

Title: Maximal Pageview with Google Coustum

URL: http://edughoni.blogspot.com/2011/07/maximal-pageview-with-google-coustum.html

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