Juli 10, 2011

Learn to make the Refresh Function Blogs

edughoni blog,education,funny,art,classical,unique bizarre,tutorial blog,love,motor,car,learnLearn to make the Refresh Function Blogs. Refresh function in use to create a "refresher" re-blog page or website. Refresh function is the same as the refresh function available on the Internet browser, the difference is that this function is made to work automatically, ie, users no longer need to press the refresh button on the tool bar.

To make it enough to just make the code as below:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="12"/>

Then Save the above code between <head> .... </ head>

little description of the above code, content = "12" = number eight indicates that the refresh process will be done in a span of 12 seconds. So should this figure be set not too fast because it can cause annoyance to the readers of your blog / website if too fast a refresh.

As for the refresh function other than to refresh the pages of the blog, there are other functions which are also quite interesting, which serves as a URL Redirect from one address to another URL address. This works if you want to bring visitors to your blog or site to site address you want for example from blog to blog X Y. To be clear, I take one example. There has long been my friend nge blog, and after all this time later he made a new site. So the old blog did not want to turn it on again (deactivated). Well besides taking way to leave a message that the address of a site or blog has changed addresses, it would be helpful to use the Refresh function in the setting as soon as the refresh time is set to 0 (zero) seconds. So if there are visitors who visit the blog address will automatically be brought directly to the desired new address.

Redirect function can be made with the code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=write destination URL in here"/>

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