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How to Escape From Prison of the most Intense and Hilarious

How to Escape From Prison of the most Intense and Hilarious. There are many ways the road to free without conditions. And this is how to escape from prison of the most intense and hilarious of all time and made a lot of thumbs-up. Consider carefully the following:

1. Giacomo Casanova, Venice A writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova is remembered for being a woman is man, but he is also responsible for one of the great escape from the prison of all time. In 1753, after earning a reputation for debauchery and adultery, Casanova was arrested and imprisoned in the leads, so named because it comes with a tin roof that is designed to encourage the chills and makes it impossible to escape. After smuggling a metal spike into the cell, Casanova and limited apostate priest managed to close the tunnel through the ceiling of their cells. Once through, they dismantle the dish on the roof and into another room through a skylight.

Using a combination of ladder and rope that they get, the duo managed to make it to the ground floor, and after the break the lock and sneak through the halls of the prison they escaped with a gondola to the network of rivers. Casanova later wrote about the escape of a popular memoir, and though many have speculated that perhaps embellished story, the evidence from the scene seems true.

2. Pascal Payet the profits, many prisons in Europe has had a helicopter training center in their roof, a French criminal figure Pascal Payet has repeatedly used the profits. Payet was originally jailed for the murder that occurred during a failed robbery on a security van, and sentenced to thirty years in France's Luynes prison. In 2001, he managed to escape when an accomplice simply lifting it from the roof of the prison with a hijacked helicopter.

It's strange, Payet even go back to prison two years later by another helicopter and went to help three other prisoners make their escape, but the four men were arrested again, and Payet was given seven years in prison for his role in the escape from prison. Remarkably, in 2007 Payet lagi2 escape via helicopter, this time from Grasse prison in southeast France. He lifted off the roof by four feet that had been masked hijacked a helicopter from the nearest airport by threatening to kill the pilot.

And After landing near the Mediterranean Sea, the pilot was released, and Payet and ganknya disappeared without a trace.

3.The Libby Prison Escape, In 1864, a group of 15 Union soldiers under the command of Colonel Thomas E. Rose and Major AG Hamilton managed to create a tunnel through a dungeon basement into a vacant lot. This is not an easy task, such as basements Libby dark and full of lice, the basement to the people who are known as "Rat Hell," but after seventeen days of digging, they arrived at the tobacco warehouses nearby.

From here, 109 troops managed to escape to the city of Richmond and make a run at the nearby Union lines. 48 of those were recaptured, and 2 drowned in a nearby river, but 59 people survived the Federal troops. Their escape from prison is the most successful and most successful break of the Civil War.

4.The Great Escape tunnel harry
Just for a mere planning, risk, and scale, escaped from prison will not be much more complex than the 1944 escape of 76 Allied troops from Stalag Luft III, a German prison during World War II operation. Running away is the culmination of more than one year of work by about 600 inmates.

People dig three tunnels (nicknamed "Tom," "Dick," and "Harry") 30 feet below the surface of the prison with plans tunneling through the main fence and came to the surface near the forest. This requires a sophisticated construction process that includes the use of wooden blocks for support, a series of lights, and even a pump to ensure the soldiers have to dig enough to breathe. After gathering a collection of civilian clothes and passport, on March 24, 1944 to make their escape.

Unfortunately, the short tunnel also coming from the woods, and emerged from there the guards. 76 people still managed to escape, but 77 were seen and the tunnel is closed. The Nazis took a special interest in the prisoners escaped, and all but three eventually caught. However, thanks to the popularity of films based on famous, as well as the scale and daring, "Great Escape" remains one of the most famous escape from prison of all time.

5.This is way last flight, was fairly unique and can be called 'reckless son of the most hilarious late stage in history'. Juan who was sentenced to 20 years in prison as a result of this illegal weapon possession, had just foiled his attempt to escape from a Mexican prison. do not run away with it over the fence or break the prison walls, but he tried to escape by going into his girlfriend own luggage. AP news agency reported on Tuesday (05/07/2011).
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Maria del Mar Arjona
So the chronology of his flight like this, brother.
On that day, a prison warden saw suspicious movements of Maria del Mar Arjona, 19, after a visit to the prison.
Because of curiosity, the warden immediately searched the large black suitcase that carried Mary. Suddenly she just shocked, all the way he did so the search was called off. Fortunately, the warden insisted the liver, so that the suitcase was opened by force!
edughoni blog,education,funny,art,classical,unique bizarre,tutorial blog,love,motor,car
Juan Ramirez Tijerina
And what happens, It is surprising, it turns on the narrow-sized suitcase which has a circular girlfriend Maria as well as prisoners, Juan Ramirez Tijerina. Visible Juan struggled to regulate breathing and his body was in such a small place. Immediately, he was hauled back to jail.
As a result of this action, Mary, will soon stand trial on charges of helping inmate escape from jail. 

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