Juli 11, 2011

How to claim the latest blogs on Technorati

Do the following after you register your blog and it also fills your profile URL of your blog on Technorati.

• On the next page, which claim the status of the blog page, click the "Return to profile" or this link
• Look under your profile, your blog is listed now, it's just still needed verification token code. Therefore, to begin to claim the token, click the "Check Claim" under the thumbnail images to your blog.

• Posted on the next you can see the text with a pink, namely NEYN8WECZS9Z (different for each blog), is a token code that we write in our blog pages. Posting an article that contains the token code, and publish. Posts up to you, can only contain blank pages token code, or all the article like you are reading this.
Should really be written original copy and paste the link source to this page.

• After making sure that published post, now click the "Verify Claim Token" on page claim technorati, and see the results.

Hopefully the latest way in Technorati claim this blog can make your blog more popular search engines and page views will increase a lot.
* essentially make an article like this after you get the code from technorati claim just it.
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Title: How to claim the latest blogs on Technorati

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Unknown mengatakan...

Nice post bro, keep on blogging !! :D

edughoni mengatakan...

Raihanun =thank keep blogging to :))

Ayead Gaptek mengatakan...

Dulu rasanya suah mendaftar :)

Salam blogger banua :)


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