Agustus 20, 2011

Tea Bags Stings Sun Overcome Injuries

Tea Bags Stings Sun Overcome Injuries. Overcoming injuries sun was very easy and inexpensive. All started from our habit of drinking the dye. Activity in the sun is sometimes difficult to avoid. Especially if have to beat the traffic among large cars and you can not go anywhere. As a result, the skin was so red even protected from helmets and sunscreen or other sun safety ..

When you have this, reddish skin that had been gradually darkened, plus pain and pain, especially when the skin is touched by an object. In fact, in some cases, the injury causes sunburn you have difficulty sleeping because of pain.

So, how to treat skin affected by sunburn ???

It is advisable to avoid skin cosmetics as sunstroke. Currently, the skin is wounded and sensitive. Some of the chemicals in cosmetics can actually worsen and cause pain that is not desired by the face. If no special cream or lotion to treat skin stung by the sun, you can use tea bags.

1. Take a few bags of tea bags to compress on the face of sunstroke. Adjust the number with a large area of skin stung.

2. Soak tea in 50 ml of ice water for a few seconds, until wet.

3. Kompreskan which has been moistened tea bag and let stand for 30-45 minutes. You may dip the bag into ice water, when the sense of chill has begun to disappear.

Perform these three steps every day before going to sleep until the skin does not feel pain and returned to its original color. It is easy cheap and simple with just the bags.

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Title: Tea Bags Stings Sun Overcome Injuries


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