Agustus 16, 2011

Overcome sunburn with grapes

Antidote to the danger that the skin does not sunburn not only of drugs and chemicals from sunscreen. A study revealed that the grapes can overcome the problems resulting from the sun to our skin. A good protection against the dangers of sunburn, is to use the proper SPF sauvignon blanc, according to a study in Spain.

A compound found in grapes or wines was able to protect skin cells from skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, report researchers from the
University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council. Flavonoids are found in wine working to stop the chemical reaction that kills skin cells and cause damage from excessive sunlight.

When UV light leads to your skin, the light activates "reactive oxygen species" or ROS, which then oxidize large molecules such as lipids and DNA. And activate certain enzymes that can kill skin cells.

However, flavonoid substances in wine, able to work to reduce the formation of ROS in cells exposed skin UVA and UVB rays. Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona and director of the research project, know these substances can protect the skin from excessive sunlight is better than drug use and other protective cosmetics.

May the best solution to counteract this effect sun rays are now beginning hostile to our skin. As a result of pollution that destroys the ozone hole and make the filter sunlight now are not so friendly to our skin. 
With the presence of the grapes the best solution is to answer the desire some people are allergic to chemical drugs. See also 5 ways to overcome easily sunburned skin.

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Title: Overcome sunburn with grapes


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