Agustus 14, 2011

The Phenomenon of Alien Life-UFO

edughoni,learrn,lives,funny,unique,bizarre,art,tutorial blog,alienAlien phenomenon still be a difficult story to be common sense in really. Their existence is a mystery full of obstacles. But with evidence of their existence on earth makes us want to know olebih much about them.

But I'll try to answer one by one question about aliens. Where did they come?

Here I always write the UFO [Unidentified Flying Object] as being "alien" instead of "ET or ETI". Why? Because ET is short for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, which is of extraterrestrial intelligent beings. By using the term alien ", I do not rule out the possibility that they came from Earth or other dimensions.
Some possible answers to the questions above are:

  • From Space
  • From the future
  •  From the Earth
  •  From another dimension

Could they be from outer space? 

Estimates that aliens from outer space is very likely, but there are some peculiarities or irregularities if they did come from outer space. The strangeness of it is: 

* Radar we never detected a spaceship that enters Earth's atmosphere.
* Closest star to our solar system is Alpha Centauri, a distance of 4.3 light years. This means that what we see today is what happened 4.3 years ago. Flying at the speed of light is still science fiction. For a journey that is fast enough for the UFO would take thousands of years to reach Earth. 

* The strange thing is, although there are thousands of witnesses who claimed to have seen UFOs every year, but no representation is exactly the same UFO. Certainly very difficult to imagine when they from outer space by bringing so many kinds of different planes and running zig-zag in the sky every day. 

*The UFO phenomenon in a fly often do not follow the laws of gravity and aerodynamics, not if they are really from outer space, the laws of physics still apply for them? 

* There is no real PROOF that they originate from a particular planet. 

* Some people are in touch (contact) with the aliens, often learned about spirituality, philosophy, warning about the dangers of nuclear, etc.. Are aliens who come from afar came to earth to teach humans only philosophy? Indeed some are still convinced that they came from outer space with such advanced technology not yet imagined by human minds.

Could they be from the future ? 

Are UFOs a kind of time machine from the future? People who believe that the time machine can (maybe) would be likely to accept this theory. But I ignore this theory because of considerations:
*Some reports have ever seen an alien states that most of them are not human (human) and sometimes bizarre or terrifying. 

* Interference creatures from the future could lead to the theory of "parallel universe". If they're really from the future, then surely they do not currently exist. But if they come from the future and appear today, meaning it is something "unique" and "amazing". 

* If they were indeed from the future, for what they are doing the kidnapping of humans (Alien Abduction)?

Could they be from earth??

If the possibility of them from the earth, surely must be questioned as well, namely: 1. whether man-made? 2. whether that kind of artificial non-human species, yet we know so far? The possibility that the UFO was manmade doubt when looking at the facts: 

* The existence of the phenomenon of human abduction by a UFO. 

* UFO had been seen, long before human beings capable of making airplanes. 

* Aircraft UFOs often outside the laws of gravity and aerodynamics. The possibility of non-human-made from the earth, it is doubtful if look at the facts: 

* Aircraft UFOs often outside the laws of gravity and aerodynamics. 

* Where are they located? (This can indeed be answered: at the bottom of the sea, in the polar regions are not inhabited by humans, inside / cavities of the earth).

* Why is there a blank period, where in ancient times was often said to be alien to and fro among mankind, and has now become active again?

Could they be from another dimension ???

Of course, if the third possibility above rebuttal or overlooked because of the dubious idea, then the choice of slag is the fourth-born, namely: Could they be from another dimension? Theories about aliens from other dimensions pretty much embraced by the UFOlogy (not all). Some of the data that support are: 

* Explain the UFO phenomena appear and disappear suddenly.
* Not following the laws of physics in the human dimension.
* The existence of telepathic contact or through dreams with a few people who felt establish communication (contacts) with the aliens. 

* Alien Abduction cases often occur when the victim slept. 

* They can not freely interact with humans because of different dimensions. To interact in the human dimension, they need a container (containers) humans. This explains the theory and manufacture of hybrid Alien Abduction, where there is also a process of "Soul Abduction".

With the above explanation if you believe in the existence of aliens and UFO ..? Are they friend or foe of the earth ..? How's life and their technology ..? All we can answer only by waiting ..!!! Because the science of space continues to grow and continue to dig in the information. The last There is Always Alien and UFO Sightings on Earth.

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